Inspiration and motivation are the two key elements to creating a business. Brothers Tom and Jared Wilson found both after paying top dollar to a local Wilmington, NC company to clean their carpets.

“We would have been better off by renting out a cheap steam cleaner that had been used hundreds of times from the grocery store.” Tom Wilson

“The guy cleaned each of our homes and we both were left feeling like we had been taken. If we were feeling this way, we knew others were as well.” Jared Wilson.

Together the brothers formulated a plan to create a carpet cleaning company that took a vastly different approach to the cleaning process.

Jared Wilson: “What we realized was that the carpet in your home represents you. It represents your kids, your pets, your eating habits. It represents the activities you participate in. Everything you do becomes a part of the carpet and furniture.”

Tom Wilson. “So we decided that there was no such thing as a clean-all method. As each carpet and family are unique, so is the detergent blue print that needs to be followed to clean it. Imagine a family who has three kids who all play sports, enjoys snacks in the living room, and has a chocolate lab who diligently sits beside them. The cleaning mixture for their carpet needs to be formulated to attack those exact elements. A lab’s fur contains oils that allows them to naturally be water resistant, snack foods that fall to the floor have salt on them and humans leave their own residues from the chemicals we put into our hair to the lotions we put on our bodies. We created a process where we can produce a unique detergent mixture specific to the clients needs, right in our truck. It allows us to be proactive immediately and within minutes we can give the carpet and upholstery a cleaning treatment that the family truly deserves.

I’m a parent too, so I know what it is like raising kids and what they can bring into the house. We also know that households have to be able to stretch a dollar. When you have your carpet cleaned the right way, it adds life not only to the carpet itself, but also to the home. You’re happy and this saves you money in the long run.”

Jared Wilson: “Our clients need to feel comfortable with us working in their home. We believe in a pre-inspection of the carpet and furniture, next we will create a strategy to best clean the areas and then we will take all the time necessary to talk this strategy over with the client so they will feel comfortable with what we will be doing. We also take the necessary steps to protect your doorways and floors using corner guards and thick blankets to ensure protection of the house from any equipment being used.”
Since 2008 the brothers have quickly made a name for themselves in the carpet cleaning business in New Hanover, Brunswick, Pender, and the surrounding areas of eastern North Carolina. They are continually researching and studying new and evolving cleaning techniques, adding important industry certifications and designations along the way.
Tom Wilson: “When you take a scientific approach, studying how solutions breakdown certain elements, how they effect certain fabrics, truly understanding what is going on at the molecular level, then you can achieve the overall goal and that is to restore the carpet, fabric or tile as close to it’s original state as possible. With Cape Fear Cleaning Solutions, you can do that and at an affordable price.”

They are also certified in water restoration and odor control, all types of tile, office cubicle cleaning, restaurant flooring, and business of all sizes. They can even clean your fabric couches and give them new life as well.

Give the brothers Tom and Jared Wilson a call today at 910-790-5312 or fill out the contact form by clicking here for a free estimate.