Before and After – This is one dirty carpet!

We could not tell who made more of a mark on this carpet, the dogs or all the college kids who partied at the house.  Boy there were quite a few stains and this carpet looked and smelled really bad.  As with our process, we inspected the carpeting to identify the various stains and determine what we were dealing with.  Then we mixed a formula that targeted not only the stains, but the smell as well.  After that we treated the carpet and let the cleaning formula work its magic.  Unlike the household machines or the rental carpet cleaning machines that mix the water and detergent together, our truck mounted cleaning machine allows us to do each step separately which completely removes all cleaning formula from your carpet (and the nasty stains, dirt, and yucky stuff) and leaves it smelling fresh and looking almost new.  If you have your carpet professionally cleaned on a regular basis, you will get tired of it before it is ready to be replaced.

When you use Cape Fear Cleaning Solutions you will not only receive wonderful guaranteed work from dedicated professionals, but also a lifetime supply of professional strength spot remover!  Give us a call today at 910-790-5312 and let us put new life into your carpet or tile.


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R after 1

R after 3