Carpet Cleaning

Five Questions You Should Ask

Routine cleaning is an important part of keeping nearly anything in good order, and your carpet is no exception. Regular deep cleaning keeps your carpet soft, keeps allergens and bacteria at bay, and contributes to the overall cleanliness and aesthetic of your home’s interior. Considering these five things will make it easier to plan your…

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Time to Have Your Carpet Cleaned

Four Signs it’s Time to Have Your Carpets Cleaned Is your carpet stained, matted, or just generally looking a little worse for wear? Are you embarrassed to have company over because of it? If so, you might be due for a professional cleaning. Sometimes, a thorough cleaning is all your need to get your carpet…

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Don’t Replace – Repair!

Carpet Care? Don’t Replace – Repair! Carpet Repair 101 Carpet Repairs can make a difference in your home and wallet Carpeting is wonderful. Today’s modern carpet adds warmth and comfort to any interior. It adds beauty and style, reduces noise, and can even soften slips and falls. A well-maintained carpet can last years and look…

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