Hardwood Floors VS. Shine Products

Your hardwood floors versus their shine products.

One of the questions we get often is, “Why are my hardwood floors so dull? Can you restore the shine?”Of course, the answer is, “YES! We’d love to help your hardwood floors shine!” But the answer may even be more simple than a hardwood floor cleaning. Have you ever thought about what could be making those hardwoods so dull? It’s very possible you could be doing more harm than good to your floors with your hardwood floor “shine” products. These products promise to help your floors shine and stay clean, but what they really do is create years and years of buildup and residue. How do you remove the residue and get the floors to naturally shine. . . there are a few options, but we’d suggest giving us a call for a free in home inspection.

When you work with our team, we can provide professional solutions with top-of-the-line equipment our team is specially trained to use to save and protect your hardwoods while safely removing build up. So. . what’s underneath those products? It’s your clean and shiny hardwood floors! How do you keep this from happening from the start? Our suggestion is simple. Don’t apply ANY store bought products to make your floors shiny. If you have questions about what products to use or how to keep your hardwood floors clean, give us a call or contact us HERE.

Our team at Cape Fear Cleaning Solutions is happy to help you find a solution to keeping your floors clean AND shiny that works for you.