Restore Your Carpet or Replace It?

Have you ever seen a beautiful home that needed a paint job? The sun-faded color automatically made the home look older, more run-down, and less appealing.

The same concept applies to carpets. Even if the fibers, edges, and other physical properties of the carpet are fine and dandy, faded or mismatched coloring will detract from the entire look.

It used to be the only way to deal with bleach spots, color fading, and other color-related problems was to replace it with a new carpet. The process was expensive, time-consuming, and wasteful. This all changed once carpet dyeing entered the equation.

There is no need to replace perfectly good carpet that just needs some tender loving color care!

According to Home Advisor, on average, carpet dyeing is one-third of the cost of carpet replacement. So, before you part ways with your faded or mismatched carpet, see what a little science can do to fully restore your investment.


Besides being a lifesaver for your budget, carpet dyeing is beneficial because it:

  • Is 100 percent safe. When many people hear the word “dye,” they immediately think of harmful chemicals. We want to assure you that we’ve invested in safe and eco-friendly colorfast dyes that are odorless, permanent, and completely safe for pets, children and everyone at home.
  • Allows you to keep your carpet longer. In the past, carpets were prematurely replaced due to color fading, bleach stains and other imperfections. But thanks to carpet dyeing, you can hold onto your carpet and get so much more for your investment.
  • Generates little to no waste. Longer-lasting carpets mean less waste in the landfills. By choosing to save your carpet with color dyeing, you’re helping to save the planet, too.
  • Is much faster than carpet replacement. Pulling out and replacing the carpet takes far longer than carpet dyeing.


Carpet dyeing isn’t as simple as painting a blank canvas. If it was, we’d encourage you to try it yourself!

Proper color matching requires a deep understanding of color coordination. If you want to go from one color to another, you need to create a dye formula that will properly offset the current shade to create the intended shade. It’s intricately combining colors and working with different variables to create the intended color. Carpet dyeing is a science through and through—and our carpet geeks totally dig it!

From confirming proper pH levels to creating the custom dye formula, there are many steps to ensuring quality carpet dyeing.


It’s amazing what a little color can do to brighten up a dull and faded carpet. Just because your carpet seems flawed on the surface, this doesn’t mean it can’t be salvaged. In fact, we’re willing to bet that with proper carpet dyeing, we can get your carpet looking as vivid and beautiful as the day you bought it, if not better! Count on us to restore your carpet and help you save 60 to 75 percent more with carpet dyeing than you would with carpet replacement!