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During your in home consultation, we will take the time to thoroughly evaluate your cleaning needs
After establishing and evaluating your situation, we will determine the price to complete your service
You will receive a straightforward, guaranteed price quote that details how much we will charge from beginning to end.
When we arrive to preform your cleaning, the amount we quoted you will be the amount we charge for the agreed service, there will not be an upcharge or upsell for your cleaning.
Cape Fear Cleaning Solutions will include our Price Quote Guarantee in your service agreement.

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Cape Fear Cleaning Solutions is the best! I've used them for a few years now and I love the job they do. I stay pretty busy so it's a relief to be able to just make an appointment and not have to stay home. I just leave them access to my home and come back to the most refreshing welcome. I know I can trust them not only with my home but, more importantly, with my dog who welcomes them on arrival. Now, if I could just get them to give him a bath during the same visit....

Home & Business

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I enjoy my experiences with cape fear cleaning solution because they leave my home and business cleaner then anyone can imagine and never under performed. Every time i call cape fear cleaning solutions I am confident that they will leave my business way cleaner then it was which i find important for a business.

Business and Home

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Cape Fear Cleaning Solutions has done excellent work on cleaning carpet at my place of work. Have been amazed at the job that was done. So amazed I had them clean my carpet at home, and a great job they did there also.

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Our floor cleaning specialists are exactly that, they're specialists.  Each representative is fully trained and certified to handle any type of flooring material.  This is especially important to the customer because we use materials that leave no damage and no residue.